Do Weekly Pod E066: Get Your Headshots

Welcome to year one of the quarantine! Year one!? Let’s hope it’s just one year. Because this is not year fun, 2020 can go home. You’ll notice that when you listen to this, it’s April. 2020. And yet we’re still talking about Analog January and if you’re keeping score that shit was back in January…

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Episode 052: Put Pronouns in Your Signature


Last week’s challenge! Your last challenge, if you chose to accept it, was to create a holiday-specific special. Did you know there’s a National No Pants Day? What about National Moment of Frustration Day? No? These are opportunities, folks! Natalie chose to do a special day promotion at National Accessibility day which is in May.…

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Episode 051: Create a Holiday Promotion

Last week’s challenge! We had a challenge last week. Did you do it? Do you remember what it was? I do, dear reader and podcast listener! Last week we were supposed to create a separate user profile on your phone. But it turns out iOS users are not able to do this. Sorry iPhonies! =(…

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Episode 048: Register Your Trademark


Welcome back to another installment of the Do Weekly Podcast! We’re learning stuff again this week, y’all! “Learning what,” you ask? Maybe don’t tell people to burn in hell, especially if they’re your friend IRL. Oh and that reminds me, this week’s podcast is sponsored by “Never Burn Bridges” because you never know when you…

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Episode 041: Hire a Book Keeper

find a bookkeeper

Did you miss us? We sure as f*** missed your smiling faces! So let’s get to it, shall we? Last week’s challenge Your challenge last week was to order your business credit report. Nat and I both ordered our business credit scores and it gave us a case of the sads. Let me explain… First,…

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Episode 040: Get Your Business Credit Report

Welcome back everyone! Are you ready to jump into things? We are! Last week’s challenge we signed up for HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to get ourselves a little free PR by looking for story queries from reporters that we could answer. The process of answering these inquiries, for Natalie, turned out to be a…

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