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Episode 023: Enroll in a Class

Last week’s challenge: Secure Your Website During our last episode, we discussed our challenge which had to do with ensuring your website is secure. Recently, web browsers began marking sites as insecure (see image, courtesy of CNET). Aside from the notice that makes visitors take heed of the insecure website they’re perusing, browsers have also…

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Episode 022: Secure Your Website

Last week’s challenge: Protect Yourself From Online Scams Last week we tasked you with educating yourselves and your small business from online scams. While it may seem easy to pick out scams, since many of them are comically easy to spot, it’s not always so easy to spot a scammer. One of the most recent,…

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Episode 021: Protect Yourself From Fraud

protect your small business from fraud

Last week’s challenge: Create a Small Business Succession Plan Welcome to another set of show notes! I hope you enjoy these notes more than I enjoy writing them! In our previous challenge, we took up the task of creating an outline (not a fully formed plan, mind you) for what you want to happen in…

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Episode 019: Tidy a Room

Last week’s challenge: Create an Escape Plan for Your Bad Day Natalie and I bring you the Do Weekly Podcast from the frigidly air conditioned Old Town Pasadena location of Cross Campus.  And we’re back for another challenge. This time both Natalie and Alex did the challenge so no one gets cookies. Last week our…

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Episode 016: Apply to Speak at an Event

Last week’s challenge: Get Your Assets Together Last week’s challenge we challenged you all to get your business’s brand assets together, to make sure that you have access to them in one easy-to-find place. Why? Simple! One day you may engage a designer to create brand materials for your business, like billboard signage, new business cards…

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Episode 011: Create an Educational Product

If you’re looking at this post and wondering: “Wait, Natalie still hasn’t stuffed Alex into her car’s trunk and driven it off a cliff!??” then you’re asking just the right question, like everybody else! On Episode 11 of the Do Weekly Podcast, we discuss taking the massive amounts of data filed away in that huge…

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