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Episode 057: Create an Educational Course: Organize and Outline Your Course Topics

Last week’s challenge!

Last week we decided to revisit a challenge that we didn’t finish. We decided to break it up into bite-sized chunks!

The first step for this challenge, and what we did last week, was to come up with a topic for our business. Natalie decided on accessibility as her educational product. For me, I decided on marketing automation strategies for small business (although I flip-flopped between that and SEO).

Accessibility, specifically for websites, is a hot-button topic these days and especially considering the recent court action with Dominos. Lots of businesses want to get onboard with accessibility, Nat’s on the cutting edge of that push! If you do something that solves a problem you can make money.

Marketing Automation is something not too many small businesses utilize. I’ve used it to help stabilize my business and it’s something that I think there are basic things folks can do to help their own businesses.

This Weeks Challenge

Once you have an idea for your educational product, now all you have to do is come up with the different topics you want to cover in your educational course. You can use a groovy mind-mapping tool, which are great. You could just write a bunch of stuff down in your notebook! It’s easy; don’t overthink it!

So get to work and start organizing and outlining what you’re thinking about including in your course!

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