Do Weekly Pod E066: Get Your Headshots

Welcome to year one of the quarantine! Year one!? Let’s hope it’s just one year. Because this is not year fun, 2020 can go home. You’ll notice that when you listen to this, it’s April. 2020. And yet we’re still talking about Analog January and if you’re keeping score that shit was back in January…

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Episode 065: Analog January, Part 5

Get things done

Welcome back, dear listeners to yet another episode of Do Weekly Podcast-ery. Are you ready to level up and become more awesome? We kick off this week with some serious failures. Natalie shares a tale of woe. She promised a client of hers that she would get something done. She told the client not to…

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Episode 064: Analog January, Part 4

Analog January - Get Moving

Howdy ho, Children of the Corn! Welcome back to another week of the Do Weekly Podcast. We kick off this week’s episode by talking about bugs in your ear. We’re straight-up talking about nasty shit without a trigger warning. You’re welcome! Last Week’s Challenge We talk about Part 4 of our Analog January Challenge. If…

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Episode 063: Analog January, Part 3

People having a conversation

Howdy once again party people! Welcome back to our website and podcast thingy-majig! Last Week’s Challenge We’re deep, deep into our Analog January challenge (deep, deep into February obviously). For last week’s challenge, we’ve decided to focus on joining groups that meet regularly. Committing to specific, regularly scheduled, meetings require a commitment of course. Natalie…

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Episode 062: Analog January

Analog January Challenge Featured Image

Last Week’s Challenge If you’re minding your Ps and Qs then you’ve been working on our Analog January challenge. We’re kicking things off with our fearless co-host, Natalie, sharing an old note she took where she writes that I hate cats, have awful hair, and I am a notorious mansplainer. All the bad stuff. And…

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Episode 061: Analog January

Analog January Read More

Last Week’s Challenge Your challenge, last week, was to schedule out creating your educational product and commit to a time to getting it all finished. Of course, we expect you to take the time you need. Natalie estimates six to seven weeks to finish her ebook. I think I might need about the same time…

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