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Episode 063: Analog January, Part 3

Howdy once again party people! Welcome back to our website and podcast thingy-majig!

Last Week’s Challenge

We’re deep, deep into our Analog January challenge (deep, deep into February obviously).

For last week’s challenge, we’ve decided to focus on joining groups that meet regularly. Committing to specific, regularly scheduled, meetings require a commitment of course.

Natalie chose to joint a knitters group, a board game meeting group, joining a Unitarian Church, which is something she already enjoys doing. Whereas I chose to join a different running group, which is something I know. To that end, could I find something different that I don’t already know how to do? Is there a group that I could join where I’ll learn something I don’t know.

What groups did you join? Let us know in the comments or smash the Tweet button on our Twitter Profile.

As part of the challenge, regarding the reading part of this challenge, Natalie’s read six books!!! SIX!!! I’ve ready all of ONE book. I imagine I’ll get through two-and-a-half or possibly three books if I’m really bookin it. See what I did there.

Educational Course Update

We’re each about a quarter of the way toward finishing our respective educational products. We’ll continue to share our updates here.

Next Week’s Challenge

Guess what? We’re still doing that whole Analog January challenge. We’re reading more, we’re walking every day (and without our phones), and creating real conversations with several people we know (without using text).

Focus on reaching out to folks who you might otherwise just text and talk with them on the phone instead. Also, don’t forget to work on your educational products!

Let us know how you’re progressing with everything.

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