Episode 055: Be a Podcast Host

be a guest on a podcast

Last week’s challenge! Last week we had a challenge. Did you do it? We did! I made a plan. Let’s say that I get a disability, like my head gets decapitated and I’m having difficulty doing my job it’s important to have a plan in place. So here’s what I did. I have professional liability…

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Episode 048: Register Your Trademark


Welcome back to another installment of the Do Weekly Podcast! We’re learning stuff again this week, y’all! “Learning what,” you ask? Maybe don’t tell people to burn in hell, especially if they’re your friend IRL. Oh and that reminds me, this week’s podcast is sponsored by “Never Burn Bridges” because you never know when you…

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Episode 039: Help a Reporter Out Why Don’tcha!

Howdee-doo dear readers (and listeners)! Did you have a good week! We certainly did! Let’s get right down to it. Did you revisit your business’s purpose? Natalie and myself hit the pavement and thought about our businesses purposes. I struggled mightily with this. What is my why? Not to steal the phrase from Simon Sinek…

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Episode 034: Write a Blog Post

Last week’s challenge: Prepare for the End of Year We’re zooming right along to the end of the year and our weekly challenge was to get ready for it. Natalie got her 2019 planning books in order to begin her campaign for the next years’ shenanigans and categorized all her expenses. Natalie and I both…

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Episode 016: Apply to Speak at an Event

Last week’s challenge: Get Your Assets Together Last week’s challenge we challenged you all to get your business’s brand assets together, to make sure that you have access to them in one easy-to-find place. Why? Simple! One day you may engage a designer to create brand materials for your business, like billboard signage, new business cards…

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Episode 008: Attend a Networking Event

This week’s challenge: Attend a Networking Event Surprisingly, Natalie and I are both people who dislike networking events. I approach networking events with the worst possible attitude. While we view networking events with a lot of skepticism they are essential to growing our networking and social circles, building up contacts and be inspired by other…

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