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A weekly challenge podcast for small business owners, by small business owners.

Episode 058: Create an Educational Course: Create a Title and Format for Your Course

Dec 16, 2019

Last week’s challenge! In our continuing challenge series for creating an educational product, we had a challenge you all were supposed to do! Last week, we were going to create an outline for our educational product. Did you do it?? Nat and I needed to hunker down on something that we know well. For myself,…

Pull that project off the back burner

Why should you listen?

If you own a small business, then you know that it can feel humanly impossible to stay on top of all the tasks on your plate. That's why we started this podcast. As small business owners ourselves, we feel your pain.

We thought we could make getting all those little nagging things done a little more fun by creating weekly challenges and tackling them together. Each week, we'll assign a new challenge to be completed and we'll do them right alongside our listeners and report back on how it went, how it felt to get it done, and what we learned.

It might not seem like much, but the challenges we tackle each week help us move toward having businesses that are more organized, more successful, and more profitable. And when you add up the consistent effort of accomplishing them week after week, you'll see a big change in your business and your life.


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