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Episode 029: Create A New Revenue Stream

Last week’s challenge: Volunteer Your Time or Donate to a Good Cause Volunteering. It’s a great public service to donate your time and money to worthy non-profit causes. Nat and I already volunteer our time to a pair of local organizations such as Girl Develop it and also the SBDC (Small Business Development Center). So…

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Episode 028: Giving Back

Last week’s challenge: Get Physical. Natalie goes to FreeCon (Freelance Conference) and Alex grapples with the fact no one wants to hear him talk. Last week’s challenge was all about self-care of the rigorous variety. I re-dedicated myself to a CrossFit gym I joined earlier in the year. I’ve been feeling down and out the…

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Episode 027: Lets Get Physical

Last week’s challenge: Competitor Analysis. Just really quickly, we’re a fan of Katie’s Cupcakes. It’s where I bought Nat’s challenge failure cakes. Last week we challenged you (and ourselves) to do competitor analysis. We each chose three different competitors. Natalie’s analysis noticed that no blog posts were getting published by her competitors, very little social…

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Episode 026: Do Some Competitor Analysis

business competitor analysis

Last week’s challenge: Create an Ad Campaign We’re pissed the heck off! Natalie can’t stand Javascript or the WordPress Rest API. I am pissed off because in creating my ad campaign I got myself locked out of my Facebook account. I didn’t succeed this week unfortunately so Nat gets cupcakes! Natalie, on the other hand,…

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Episode 024: Ask for Feedback

Last week’s challenge: Enroll in a Class Natalie and I talked about last week’s challenge, which if you recall (and you read the heading above) is all about upping our knowledge. Our challenge to you all was to enroll yourself in a class! For one, I took some time to think about what I wanted…

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Episode 023: Enroll in a Class

Last week’s challenge: Secure Your Website During our last episode, we discussed our challenge which had to do with ensuring your website is secure. Recently, web browsers began marking sites as insecure (see image, courtesy of CNET). Aside from the notice that makes visitors take heed of the insecure website they’re perusing, browsers have also…

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Episode 022: Secure Your Website

Last week’s challenge: Protect Yourself From Online Scams Last week we tasked you with educating yourselves and your small business from online scams. While it may seem easy to pick out scams, since many of them are comically easy to spot, it’s not always so easy to spot a scammer. One of the most recent,…

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Episode 021: Protect Yourself From Fraud

protect your small business from fraud

Last week’s challenge: Create a Small Business Succession Plan Welcome to another set of show notes! I hope you enjoy these notes more than I enjoy writing them! In our previous challenge, we took up the task of creating an outline (not a fully formed plan, mind you) for what you want to happen in…

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