Episode 001: Update your about page

In our first ever episode of Do Weekly, we take a little time to introduce ourselves, to discuss why we’re starting this podcast, some things we hope to accomplish, and then we dive into our very first challenge – update your about page

This Week’s Challenge: Update your about page

We tend to put together a quick couple of paragraphs when we put together our about pages for our websites, but this page is actually a really important tool for potential customers and clients getting to know you and what you’re about. It’s probably because it’s really hard to be objective and write about yourself and your own projects.

It’s a good place to tell your story, explain what you’re passionate about, what pushed you to start your business, what sets you apart from  your competition, and what kinds of customers and clients you like to work with.

What if you don’t have a website (yet)? No excuses – you can still sit down and put together the content for your future website. What if you have a website but it doesn’t have an about page? Now’s the perfect time to add one so that your potential customers and clients can get to know you.

Resources for finishing this task

After you’ve done the task

Write and tell us about it! Tweet us @doweeklypodcast, use our contact page, or email us at TalkToUs@doweeklypodcast.com.  Send us a link to your shiny new about page. We can’t wait to see them!

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