Analog January - Get Moving

Episode 064: Analog January, Part 4

Howdy ho, Children of the Corn! Welcome back to another week of the Do Weekly Podcast.

We kick off this week’s episode by talking about bugs in your ear. We’re straight-up talking about nasty shit without a trigger warning. You’re welcome!

Last Week’s Challenge

We talk about Part 4 of our Analog January Challenge. If you recall, the basic points of the challenge are to: read something, move, talk to people, make something, join something that meets regularly and also updating on our educational product challenge.

Last week, we emphasized talking to people; connecting with them over coffee, having phone or skype conversations, basically avoiding text-based conversations. So we’re making it a point to twenty different people (not just twenty different conversations).

The idea is that we’re trying to connect with folks we haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s nice to catch up with old friends and have a real conversation. Social interactions and staying in touch that way really misses the point of maintaining a connection. It requires real effort to make time to chat with someone. And the conversations tend to be more intimate on the whole. Who doesn’t want that? We’re human beings and we thrive on connections with other humans. So how did you do on this part of the challenge? Let us know!

Educational Course Update

Natalie is nearly half done with her e-book. Natalie noticed that Mac’s Pages app has the ability to export a doc to an ebook format like epub, which is easy to export to mobi format for Kindles.

For myself, I didn’t do a thing. Busy stuff, work stuff, ugh stuff.

Next Week’s Challenge

Guess what? We’re still doing that whole Analog January challenge. We’re reading more, we’re walking every day (and without our phones), and creating real conversations with several people we know (without using text).

Focus on reaching out to folks moving and making. That is, go out for a walk, fifteen minutes, without your phone (or at least avoid using it and don’t listen to music or podcasts); then make something. Whether it’s drawing or painting or cooking. Anything you could make try making!

Let us know how you’re progressing with everything.

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