Episode 010: You Should Quit Something

We’re back once again, doing a thing for the tenth freakin’ time! Oh yeah, it’s the do weekly podcast mofos! Alex is back to saying insane shit and Natalie is back to slaying the Patriarchy one poor Alex Vasquez at a time. This week, we talk about quitting something and how cool it is to be a quitter. Doesn’t that just sound lovely? I think so!

So let’s jump right into it!

Last week’s challenge: Outsource Yo’Life Suckas!

Last week we had our very first guest, Nathan Hirsch of Freee Up, a marketplace matching awesome, top one-percenter, freelancers with yokels just like you and me. We talked about the challenge that was, which was to delegate 10hrs of your life.

Natalie and Alex managed to do the challenge but didn’t quite hit the ten-hour mark, but they are still pretty darn close. They share their thoughts and frustrations with onboarding new people to your business.

Overall, the thought is that you can’t grow your business and build a structure without getting help with your business and what you do.

The best thing to do, I feel, is to go back and inventory your day and see where you find opportunities to get unstuck and add some help to get you going and your business growing.

This week’s challenge: Quit Something

People say “quitters suck,” I say that quitters are bad ass! If you’re a millennial or you don’t give a shit about boxing then you won’t remember the famous plea of “No mas!” from legendary Panamanian pugilist, Roberto Duran. He was taking “Sugar” Ray Leonard’s furious fists to the face when he was like, Bruh, please stop with the aggro-punchy stuff. That’s a prime example of quitting something that’s not productive. What about that other quitter, his name was Edward, King Edward the VIII to be precise! He quit the throne because of love; he did so and caused quite the fracas in the process. He gave the proverbial middle-finger to society and those who spend too much time obsessing over silly hats and royal weddings (I have no idea about any of those things…I lie, I totes do!). My last example is Sarah Palin, the gun-loving governor of Alaska, who amid her party’s pressure to unseat the popular Barack Obama, was thrust into the John McCain presidential campaign. Palin said, “peace out, Alaska, I’mma be over here winning a presidential campaign but do keep a watch on Alaska, why don’tcha.” While Sarah Palin’s place on the McCain ticket caused the military hero great grief and regret it lead to possibly some of the best moments in politics to date! She quit being Governor to chase fame and it worked like a charm. Who hasn’t laughed at a clip of Sarah Palin?

The point is folks, quitting something is good for you, especially when it’s for the right reasons which is what we’re talking about this week.

As business owners, we are called on to juggle everything and wear a lot of hats. We’re the accountant, the salesperson, the janitor and more. And then there are our personal lives. I’m active in a lot of things, probably overactive! Certainly, I can reclaim some of that precious time. Time is the most precious thing we have people. So let’s be intentional with how we spend it.

I read a book from Seth Godin The Dip and that’s when I really understood the balance that comes from assessing ones life and then prioritizing what’s important and setting aside those things which are not important.

Ultimately, quitting the things you are “lukewarm” to may just lead you to the thing that lights a fire in your belly!

Quit something (or someone) you don’t really like or have time for today!

Resources for completing this week’s challenge:

Show Notes:

  • 02:25 — Natalie spends each second before 2:25 saying mean things to Alex before they move on to last week’s challenge.
  • 11:20 — Natalie straight up lies to Alex when she says they’re going to eat cookies. Nope, didn’t happen, she didn’t have any frackin’ cookies! Instead, they talk about quitting aka this week’s challenge.

As always, don’t forget to leave us that gushy 5-star review on iTunes and what not. And remember, kids, keep it simple and most importantly Keep it Doable!

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