Episode 065: Analog January, Part 5

Get things done

Welcome back, dear listeners to yet another episode of Do Weekly Podcast-ery. Are you ready to level up and become more awesome? We kick off this week with some serious failures. Natalie shares a tale of woe. She promised a client of hers that she would get something done. She told the client not to…

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Episode 010: You Should Quit Something

We’re back once again, doing a thing for the tenth freakin’ time! Oh yeah, it’s the do weekly podcast mofos! Alex is back to saying insane shit and Natalie is back to slaying the Patriarchy one poor Alex Vasquez at a time. This week, we talk about quitting something and how cool it is to…

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Episode 009: Delegate Your Life

Howdy-ho folks! Natalie and Alex are back and at it again with this week’s Do Weekly Podcast! Are you ready? Because Natty Em and Vasqueez-y are ready AF to lay down the goods. Still not convinced??? Then consider the following: Last week’s challenge: Attend a Networking Event Natalie took a break from herding abandoned and socially awkward fluffy…

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