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Self Care

Episode 027: Lets Get Physical

Last week’s challenge: Competitor Analysis. Just really quickly, we’re a fan of Katie’s Cupcakes. It’s where I bought Nat’s challenge failure cakes. Last week we challenged you (and ourselves) to do competitor analysis. We each chose three different competitors. Natalie’s analysis noticed that no blog posts were getting published by her competitors, very little social…

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Episode 019: Tidy a Room

Last week’s challenge: Create an Escape Plan for Your Bad Day Natalie and I bring you the Do Weekly Podcast from the frigidly air conditioned Old Town Pasadena location of Cross Campus.  And we’re back for another challenge. This time both Natalie and Alex did the challenge so no one gets cookies. Last week our…

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Episode 013: Ask for Referrals

Last week’s challenge: Get MOAR Sleep! Natalie and Alex discuss getting enough sleep from last week’s challenge. These two have been neglecting their sleep and they have been getting into bad habits. Adults need about seven to nine hours of sleep per day. Natalie tried to be conscientious about having less screen time and set…

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Episode 012: Get More Sleep!!!

get more sleep

Welcome back to the Do Weekly Podcast! Won’t you stay a bit and join us for episode 12? There’s a little bit of failure here, but it makes everything else taste like success! Er, maybe not but you should continue reading along. Last week’s challenge: Make an Educational Product Based on Your Extensive Experiences and…

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Episode 006: Schedule a Vacation

Geoff Khan, the sworn enemy of James T. Kirk, once shared an ancient Klingon proverb when he said Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold. While Khan was pretty much spot on, he’s apparently never eaten a delicious homemade cookie during his tortured, eugenics-enhanced, existence. Natalie, never one to welch on a bet paid up with a…

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