Episode 008: Attend a Networking Event

This week’s challenge: Attend a Networking Event

Surprisingly, Natalie and I are both people who dislike networking events. I approach networking events with the worst possible attitude.

While we view networking events with a lot of skepticism they are essential to growing our networking and social circles, building up contacts and be inspired by other business owners. Also, depending on the event there are a number of things to learn from one another. In essence, networking events are essential to personal and business growth.

We suggest attending a networking event where you may not know people, while not required, it can certainly broaden your horizons professionally.

Not everyone will have the same access to networking event opportunities as us, given our proximity to Los Angeles and our population-dense surroundings. However, the internet does help us connect and find networking opportunities and communities where we can connect and share.

Last week’s challenge: Declutter Your Business

Natalie managed to save $1765.95 when she audited her monthly subscription payments. And I managed to get rid of some old office junk that had been lingering for far too long (big thanks to Facebook’s Marketplace).

Resources for completing this week’s challenge:

Show Notes:

  • 01:48 — We recap last week’s challenge and discuss tips to declutter our businesses and lives.
  • 11:15 — We kick off the discussion about this week’s challenge: Attend a Networking Event.

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