Episode 011: Create an Educational Product

If you’re looking at this post and wondering: “Wait, Natalie still hasn’t stuffed Alex into her car’s trunk and driven it off a cliff!??” then you’re asking just the right question, like everybody else!

On Episode 11 of the Do Weekly Podcast, we discuss taking the massive amounts of data filed away in that huge noggin’ of yours and turning it into an educational product or resource. Pretty smart, right? Does the Pope wear a funny hat? Oh yeah, you betcha!

Last week’s challenge: Become the Quitter You Always Never Thought You Wouldn’t Get to Be

Last week we talked about quitting a thing. You might think that I would never quit anything, that I’ve never quit a thing in my life!! If you thought that, you’d be right. Once, I was bitten on the face by Sharktopus and I didn’t quit! One time I got into a fight with the lunch lady over cold mashed potatoes and I didn’t give up, not even twice! Lastly, my Mother asked me if I would quit my job so that I could earn a living wage not working at a sweatshop factory. I told her “Nah, I like not making money but also I like making douchey Ed Hardy shirts on the cheap.” What’s douchier than making Ed Hardy shirts? Having a dating blog. I operate a high-traffic dating blog called the Urban Dater and I’ve decided to quit it; I plan to sell it off. While I’ll be maintaining the website still, to retain its quality and frequency of updates, I am looking to sell. So if you want a website with a built-in audience, talk to me.

Natalie decided on letting go of her social accounts on Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora, and pulled back on Facebook. If you use a tool like Rescue Time, you’ll find it’s super easy to lose a lot of time to your social media accounts and that was Nat’s main frustration. She, like many of us, felt that if she put her time into creating thoughtful answers that it would lead her to more work or warmer leads. Neither scenario happened. She knew that her time spent on these social outlets was a waste and thus she decided to cut ties with those platforms.

The prevailing thought, even now, is that you must exist and participate in all social media platforms. The truth is that you don’t—simply choose the social media platforms that you enjoy and that add value to your business. Sadly, many folks who use social media engage in mainly one or two-word responses. They “mail it in” if you will but if you’re on a platform you enjoy then you will find it much easier to join the conversation and add your own voice!

This week’s challenge: Create an Educational Product

You’re a business owner. There’s a reason you got into the business and during the time you’ve run your business you’ve learned a thing or two that might be valuable to someone. That’s what we discuss for this week’s challenge, Creating an Educational product.

You can use your experience to develop a tutorial on how to use your products and make it something people can download from your website. Another idea is creating an email marketing course and since you created a newsletter, you have a list of folks you can notify about it!

One thing I’ve used for a lot of projects is LearnDash, which is a WordPress plugin that lets you manage and set up a Learning Management System (LMS)—it’s a tool that helps you create online lessons.


Show Notes:

  • 04:07 — Prior to talking about Last Week’s Challenge, Natalie once again oppresses Alex and straight up denies that there are humans who don’t know any Fathers. (shaking my head quite insidiously, obvs). After Natalie interrupts Alex they go on to talk about the previous week’s challenge.
  • 15:40 — We stumble into this week’s challenge about creating an educational product. It’s a doozy!

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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