Episode 030: Have a Plan

Last week’s challenge: Create a New Revenue Stream

During last week’s challenge, we looked at trying to find new ways to squeeze money out of our businesses. I looked at doing a workshop for small business hours to build out a simplified business website.

Natalie initially thought about doing a cotton candy company. Definitely out of left-field but she opted not to do that. So Nat looked at doing something a little more fun. She floated the idea of doing a subscription service that caters toward people who like to travel. It’s a fun idea for her and exploring and travel are things she does a lot of. I also suggested she get into mentoring and coaching.

This week’s challenge: Have a Plan

Plans. Having a plan is a good thing, Natalie says. Everyone has a different way that they like to go about their day. Natalie plans for her week, month, and even her year! She does this to keep herself on track and keep her life and work-life organized.

Natalie keeps either a small notebook or laminated task list she printed up to list out her daily tasks. She puts down three MIT (most important tasks) each day. You don’t have to get crazy about it either, there are a lot of techniques to manage your day like bullet journaling. It’s not a thing that I use, I’d rather use good ol’ pen and paper.

Natalie advises creating plans not only for day-to-day but also a weekly plan, then a monthly plan and then a yearly plan. That’s a lot of planning. Personally, I keep it to a week and a daily plan and a weekly plan.

Regardless of how you choose to plan things, keep it doable (as we like to say around here). It’s important to organize your work week obviously but don’t forget to also schedule some me time as well.


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Show Notes:

  • 2:49 — We review last week’s challenge and discuss volunteering and giving back.
  • 22:04 — After a lot of hubub we begin talking about this week’s challenge.

As always, don’t forget to leave us that gushy 5-star review on iTunes and what not. And remember, kids, keep it simple and most importantly Keep it Doable!

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