Episode 046: Reach Out to Other Businesses

Welcome back dear listeners! Welcome back to the Do Weekly Podcast!! We talk about challenges and how a Blue Whale intros a podcast courtesy of resident co-host, Natalie Maclees!

Also, don’t mind the birds in this episode providing background vocals!

Last Week…

Our challenge from last week was to find a newsletter to advertise in. The idea here to find newsletters that have synergy with your business (newsletters that go out to people who would be a good customer fit). I tried using ad networks (which some of them have newsletters in addition to website ad zones). I placed inquiries at a couple other places and thus far it hasn’t turned into a positive result.

Natalie decided to advertise in a newsletter related to Natalie’s new accessibility-focused web development and consulting business.

This week’s challenge!

Random observation for the week: Birds make the best backup singers when recording a podcast episode.

This week’s challenge is to find a business (possibly a competitor) that your business that has an affinity with yours, meaning your businesses offer complimentary services. The idea is to have a conversation with these business owners to see how you might each help one another. It’s not necessarily a partnership, per se, it’s really about finding business opportunities where you can help promote one another.

Natalie does accessibility work but I do not. Natalie doesn’t offer copywriting or SEO. Even though we both do the same type of work we can still help and promote one another.

SO find three businesses you can reach out to, engage, and have a conversation about how you can each help one another.

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Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

Random fact for the week: Hello Kitty’s last name is not Kotaro or Rodriguez. It’s White.

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