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Episode 039: Help a Reporter Out Why Don’tcha!

Howdee-doo dear readers (and listeners)! Did you have a good week! We certainly did! Let’s get right down to it. Did you revisit your business’s purpose? Natalie and myself hit the pavement and thought about our businesses purposes. I struggled mightily with this. What is my why? Not to steal the phrase from Simon Sinek…

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Episode 004: Set up an email list

In this episode, we talk about all the rain in Los Angeles, set a goal to get to 30 episodes of Do Weekly, get hopped up on licorice, and Alex makes up some sayings that totally don’t exist. We share our shiny new elevator pitches, high five, and then head into our brand new challenge…

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Episode 001: Update your about page

In our first ever episode of Do Weekly, we take a little time to introduce ourselves, to discuss why we’re starting this podcast, some things we hope to accomplish, and then we dive into our very first challenge – update your about page This Week’s Challenge: Update your about page We tend to put together…

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