Episode 059: Create a Landing Page for Your Educational Product

Last week’s challenge!

We asked you, last week, to come up with a title and format for your forthcoming educational product. Did you do the challenge? We certainly did!

I came up with a title that I used several years ago, from a talk that gave at a conference. Given the topic is marketing automation I’m going to use marketing automation (email marketing drip campaign) is the vehicle for delivery.

Natalie settled on doing an ebook. She thinks her audience doesn’t have an interest in a course. Natalie is a big fan of workbooks and that’s what she’s looking to do. Her title is Website Accessibility Website Owners. How good is that? Simple and to the point. She threw out the title of Will My Website Get Me Sued? Nat cited her ethics and values for not using the second option. She’s not down with scare marketing.

This Weeks Challenge

The next challenge in our educational product series is to: Create a Landing Page for educational product!

Think about your copy, think about the value your product provides, think about how your educational product helps someone attain a better tomorrow. This is just for making a rough draft. Just open a text doc or write it down on in your favorite notebook.

Natalie recommended a resource from this website: makealivingwriting.com.
Which states your product should answer these five questions:

  • Here’s what I’ve got
  • Here’s who I am
  • Here’s what customers say about it
  • Here’s what you get
  • Here’s why you need it right now

Also, it’s a good idea to invite people to self-select. Explain who the product is for and who it is not for.

You have your marching orders folks. Get to it and let us know how you’re getting on!

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