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Episode 060: Create a Production Schedule for Your Educational Product

Last week’s challenge!

We had a baby step challenge last week. We pre-wrote our sales/landing pages for our educational products. Pretty cool right? These pages help your audience understand how you can help.

I started with some basic boilerplate: Who I am; what I’m doing for you; and why you want it. Super straight forward. I also, figured out what marketing automation was in place.

Natalie went full metal accomplisher! She wrote an outline for each of her headings regarding what her product is, who it’s for, and why they want it. She wrote a paragraph for each heading. Additionally, she wrote out possible objects to her product and answers to each of them.

Nat advises that we spend most of our time on content talking about what the customer will get out of what you’re selling to them.

Next Week’s Challenge

Our challenge next week is brought to you by Pantheon Hosting. They’re pretty great if you’re using Drupal or WordPress for your website.

For our next challenge, we’re going to create a production schedule to create the content for our educational product. Maybe you get up early one day and drink all the coffee and write out your schedule. You could even get started on producing your product. But that first step is really just scheduling things out and getting that first bit of content down.

Stay on target, folks! Get an accountability partner (like what Natalie and I have) — someone who will help you stay on target with your stuff.

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