Episode 052: Put Pronouns in Your Signature

Last week’s challenge!

Your last challenge, if you chose to accept it, was to create a holiday-specific special.

Did you know there’s a National No Pants Day? What about National Moment of Frustration Day? No? These are opportunities, folks!

Natalie chose to do a special day promotion at National Accessibility day which is in May. Natalie’s chosen to create an accessibility course for business owners and also for developers, since she has changed the focus of per business to focus on accessibility.

For myself, I’d like to do a promotion for Giving Tuesday, to help promote a plugin I manage called Ignition Deck, a self-hosted crowdfunding platform.

Next Week’s Challenge

Pronouns. We all have them, although many of us don’t state explicitly. For myself, I’m a guy, a male. I don’t really think about that. I just am who I am. There are folks for whom that is not the case. There are people who are trans who struggle with this and are not afforded the same privilege.

Personally, I struggled with the need to do this challenge. I didn’t see this as a move that would help my business specifically and I felt like making this change would cause uncomfortable conversations with clients or potential clients. Really, what we’re doing is trying to normalize our pronouns for folks who are not gender-binary. It’s about being inclusive. Personally, inclusivity and community are important values for myself and my business. There’s no cost to me to put myself out there with my pronouns.

So your challenge is to consider placing your pronouns in your email signature. Remember, y’all, it’s an elective process and it should feel comfortable.

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Photo pilfered from the Asana Blog.

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