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Episode 061: Analog January

Last Week’s Challenge

Your challenge, last week, was to schedule out creating your educational product and commit to a time to getting it all finished. Of course, we expect you to take the time you need. Natalie estimates six to seven weeks to finish her ebook. I think I might need about the same time or a little less. We each looked at our outlines to make our commitment and come up with a time estimate.

Sometimes, in order to get things done on time, it’s important to find mechanisms to help you accomplish the work you have to do. Case in point, Natalie, when she was writing her jQuery book, would meet up with her roommate and together they would work on their stuff together and hold each other accountable. Accountabilibuddies is a term you may have heard about, it’s just a fancy term for an accountability partner, someone who will help you meet your goals. Going somewhere else to get the work done can help you focus if you have trouble focusing at home.

Doing new things in new places. Break your routine up!

Next Week’s Challenge

Folks, we’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled challenge to give you yet another challenge!

Have you heard of Analog January? (Yes, we know it’s February already).

Cal Newport (someone who Natalie is a big fan of), who writes about focus and productivity, has a challenge for the month of January (you probably correctly guessed where we’re going with this) and we’re going to take part in the challenge (and of course so are you).

Let’s talk about our digital lives, people. We use tech way too much; it’s affected our brains, it’s affected our emotions in so many ways. What’s a person to do? Let’s do less tech and less apps together!


What’s included with the Analog January challenge anyway?

  • First off, read three to four books. For me, that’s a lot of books. But the idea is to replace that screentime with other lovely activities (like reading).
  • Take a walk at least 15min, without your phone. Observe the world around you.
  • Commit to having real conversations with real people, at least twenty different people. They can happen over skype or phone, just no texting.
  • Make something. You could do a drawing, knitting, take up an instrument.
  • Also, join something, like a group that meets at least once per week.

Your first task is to tackle the whole more reading thing. Get it and do it. =)

You have your challenge and now you just have to do it.

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